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Caritas Cambodia > Reports
Caritas Cambodia > Reports

Annual Report 2022

Caritas Cambodia is The Social Development Arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It is built on the values of Love, Concern, Peace, Unity, Sharing and Brotherhood. Caritas helps the poorest of the poor, in particular, focusing on the most disadvantaged, displaced, and vulnerable people and communities. We strive to promote human dignity, alleviate human suffering, and foster charity, justice and peace. Our services expand across 15 provinces and support Village Development Associations in over 300 villages.

Annual Report 2020-2021

Your contribution plays a vital role in our mission to provide thousands of Cambodian people such as poor farmers, women, children, the elders, people with disabilities, prisoners, people living with HIV/AIDs, the homeless and victimized people at all levels of the society with the support in need to build their better lives.

Annual Report 2019

This annual report provides an illustration of the very positive results and achievements of all of the programme activities which were implemented by Caritas Cambodia during 2019. It has been yet another period of success garnered from our tireless efforts and strong determination to empower Cambodian people. We have concentrated our efforts on those who are the oppressed, the poorest of the poor, the marginalised and the vulnerable groups in the country’s impoverished communities.

Annual Report 2018

We are deeply grateful to partners from the Caritas family and all donors who accompany us on the journey to serve the poor population in Cambodia. We thank all key stakeholders, in particular the Royal Government of Cambodia, for their close collaboration and partnership. Without all this support, we will not be able to have another successful year. We are proud to be working with all of you!

Annual Report 2017

2017 marks another great year, a milestone in the implementation of our new strategic framework(2017-2021). We are proud to have all staff members and our grass-root communities who support us in carrying our programs; and particularly their contribution to our new strategic framework.

Annual Report 2016.

Throughout 2016 , we have touched the lives of the poor population through our programs and projects to empower people , improve their health condition including general health care, eye, mental health of the poor communities , children and adolescent, support health and basic needs of the prisoners, equipped farmers with necessary skills to improve their livelihood activities, shaping the future of poor youth group and vulnerable and victimized women to access to technical vocational skills, building knowledge on disaster preparedness and climate changes as well as provide emergency relief to disaster affected families and communities.

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