Report of World Sight Dayat Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital
VISION 2020: "The Right to Sight" is the global initiative for the elimination of avoidable blindness, and a world in which nobody is needlessly visually impaired, where those with unavoidable vision loss can achieve their full potential.” “Intensify and accelerate prevention of blindness activities so as to achieve the goal of eliminating avoidable blindness by 2020.” Connected to this issue, Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital (CTEH) hosted the World Sight Day on October 12-14, 2016 at the hospital supported by various corporative partners to highlight the attention to avoidable blindness and rehabilitation where are available services locally. This year 2016, the called to action for the World Sight Day is “Stronger Together”, that is the main significant topic of CTEH in playing through various activities to prevent and eliminate blindness in Takeo Province and whole country. The purpose of the event is to promote for poor people especially vulnerable and people with disabilities to access free comprehensive eye care services and advocate partners and communities to involve in preventing and eliminating blindness in Cambodia.

The main activities for this year are:
  • Provided eye care awareness and launching World Sight Day event through media by participated with National for Eye Health (NPEH) and others NGOs to organize presses conference at Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital (Phnom Penh) one day before the ceremony.
  • Conducted the ceremony with local partners to provide the awareness of eye health, gender and disability inclusive and provided free eye care services for 3 days at Takeo Eye Hospital.

In the first day patients with caregiver came to register in early morning to receive eye health education and participated the ceremony by listened the talks of Mr.Te Serey Bonn, Program Director of CTEH, about the project profile and the initiative objective of the World Sight Day 2016,

Mr. Bun Borin, director of Provincial of Social Affairs, Veteran and Youth Rehabilitation in Takeo Province, presented the responsibility for disabilities in Takeo Province, Ms. Yem Pheary, deputy director of Women Affair, presented about right to sight of women, Bishop.Kike Figaredo, chairman of Caritas Cambodia, presented the commitment of Caritas Cambodia on health sectors, especially eye care services, Dr. Liem Krean, deputy director of PHD, expressed on eye health in healthcare system in Takeo Province and opening ceremony accordingly.


The distribution of leaflets to promote eye health and awareness about commons specific eye diseases were given to all caregivers and patients with a clear explanation by small team during their waiting for registration and eye consultation. This initial idea to make patients is deeply aware the different eye diseases and intervention when they or families have any eye problem and continue to disseminate eye health information to their communities.
All patients received eye care services under high responsibility and commitment of staff to ensure all patients came from different locations received free comprehensive eye care services. However, everything was organized and responded all cases without complications, so there were 702 patients had the eye consultation and 85 patients with eye surgery. The rests (164 patients) will be operated on the following days.
Participating in global eye awareness of CTEH to reduce avoidable blindness in Cambodia, we really appreciated and thank you for all cooperative partners who supported and sponsored to organize this special event as listed below:
Daughter of Charity (DC), Caritas Czech Republic (CCR), Mr. Meng Chuy (EYETECH), Cambodia Development Mission of Disability (CDMD), Indochina Pharma Co. Ltd, ALCON- DKSH Co. Ltd, MEES Company, Chamroeun Chey pharmacy, ACLEDA Bank Plc Takeo, OMS Cambodia, Vattanak printing, Siheng printing, Mr.Theary (Premier Oph), Pun Leou Pnek Optic, Heng Kheang, Dr.Vannarith Gnonh


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