H.E. Dr. Nhim Vanda, NCDM and the governor, Uth Sam Orn cut the ribbon to inaugurate a 3,000 meter road and two water gates
More than 500 villagers including students in Kampong Ko commune, Kampong Svay district of Kampong Thom province attended the inauguration ceremony to congratulate their community projects of two water gates and a 3,000 meter gravel road, funded by Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Germany through Caritas Cambodia.
A 76-year old woman, Duch Peum attended the inauguration on 02 March 2016. She said she is happy to see a new road which facilitates transportation of people in her village to other villages and to the town. She recalled “earlier, her son and grandchildren as well as other villagers happened to accidents during their travel because of the poor road condition especially during the raining season”. “I am very much thankful to Caritas Cambodia who supports the projects”, Duch Peum said.

Another villager, Yung Thiev, 51, shared similar view. “This new road is essential for me and other villagers to transport their agricultural products and rice directly from home to market. More importantly, children find it easily to go to school”, said Yung Thiev, adding that new water gates will be a great source of water for villagers to use mainly during the dry season.
Ms. Duch Peum, 76 and Mr. Yung Thiev, 51 attended the inauguration ceremony
“The new water gates and road project will directly benefit 732 families, a total of 3,246 people of which 1,618 are women”, said Mr. Kim Rattana, Caritas Cambodia Executive Director. He said it is a collaborative project with the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) with the aim to recover the living condition of the people affected by disaster and to reduce risk and hazard of disaster. He said the improvement of new road will enhance the efficiency of transportation especially farmers’ products to market, which contributes to the increase of their family incomes. According to Mr. Rattana, this project is funded by Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Germany with a total budget of 467,282 dollars.
Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia is giving a remark at the inauguration ceremony

On behalf of the donors, Mr. Karl Coppert, from Caritas Switzerland realized the importance of water and new road for the villagers. He believed that these new achievements will serve maximum benefits for the people.

Concerning to these achievements, governor of Kampong Thom province, Mr. Uth Sam Orn expressed sincere thank to all the donors, the government of Cambodia and all key stakeholders who put tremendous support on these projects. “I believe that people will make use of these projects to improve their living condition. “We have new water gates which provide water for harvesting”, said the governor, adding that “I would also like to encourage that everyone should consider them as their community assets and  take good care of these achievements”.

Caritas Cambodia is a key partner with local authority and has worked in Kampong Thom province for many years in implementing many projects namely community development, agriculture, community health, and disaster preparedness and rehabilitation project.

In the name of the Cambodian government, H.E. Dr. Nhim Vanda, Senior Minister and the First Vice President of the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) who was presided over the inauguration ceremony thanked Caritas Switzerland and Caritas Germany for financial support and Caritas Cambodia for carrying out these projects successfully. H.E.Dr. Nhim Vanda expressed firm commitment to continue working with all partners in addressing the hardship and raising the living standards of the poor communities.   kgthom04
H.E. Dr. Nhim Vanda, Senior Minister and the First Vice President of the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) was presided over the inauguration ceremony


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