Agriculture value chain and market linkage are becoming important and popular approaches in promoting sustainable development of the livelihood of small farmers through the increased productivities by linking their agricultural products to the market or the final consumers. The value chain describes the full range of activities that firms and workers do to bring a product/good or service from its conception to its end use and beyond. This includes activities such as design, production, marketing, distribution and support to the final consumer  
Group photo of all participants attending training on agriculture value chain analysis at Caritas National Office from 7-9 August 2017.
(source: Value chain analysis is about the understanding on how farmers and other key stakeholders engage themselves in the production processing up to the final production. In line with a wide range benefit, training on value chain analysis is therefore important.

Caritas Cambodia conducted the agriculture value chain analysis training for the first time to its key program and project staff from 7-9 August 2017.

On behalf of the desk initiating and leading the training, Mr. Sim Pov, program planning, monitoring and evaluation officer from Caritas Cambodia said there are three main objectives of the training. Firstly, it aims to enhance the capacity of program staffs on analyzing agriculture value chain so that they are able to apply the gained knowledge into their practical work. Secondly, it is to enhance their analysis skill on production value chain, market opportunities and competitiveness, challenges, and risk of cooperative business. Thirdly, it is to strengthen capacity of program staff to develop comprehensive business plan. This involves in collecting proper market information and analyzing them. The training is extended under the financial support from some partners, thanks to Caritas Spain, SCAIF, OBOS-Korea, and the German Ministry of Economics (BMZ).

Participants are tentatively concentrating on the key concept on value chain analysis
There are 26 participants, of which 5 female staff participated in the 3 day-training, representing all regional offices and departments from Caritas national office such as desks on climate change, social enterprise, program planning, monitoring and evaluation. It was a good mix of participants composting of program coordinators, program manager, project manager/team leader and community development facilitator. They have different capacity of knowledge and understanding on the topic while also have shown their interest and application possibilities to apply skill and knowledge into their practical work.

Mr. Phan Sokleang, one of the participants from Preah Vihear community development program said he is happy to attend the training, saying that for him it is the first time. “To me, value chain is very important knowledge to be aware of and it is helpful for me to work with my target community. More importantly I find the gained knowledge serves as a foundation to support me

Presentation and sharing of knowledge and experience among participants
to have ideas when working with the community in setting up a business group and plan in the village”, said Sokleang. The training is designed as participatory and actual practical approaches using different methods where participants are allowed times on asking questions, participating in group work, discussion and sharing of information and experience, brainstorming and reflection; and including field work.
A freelance consultant and trainer, Mr. Sim Kong said in overall the training provides a useful framework for understanding the key concept and procedure of value chains and market linkage. Value chain analysis is crucial for Caritas staff as they have a key role in facilitating community development work, particularly support farmers in setting up business plan and working together with them to become entrepreneurs. The training was concluded with a short reflection carried out by Mr. Kim Rattana, Caritas Cambodia Executive Director. He thanked the trainers for the insightful knowledge and all participants for their active participation.  
A trainer, Mr. Sim Kong, is giving key concept on value chain analysis and other key elements.

More than that, Mr. Rattana said Cambodian’s agriculture products need to be moved up the value chains in order to benefit both farmers and the consumer. “Caritas Cambodia is committed to continue supporting farmers to become successful entrepreneurs through our community development program. To attain that, we need to support them appropriate knowledge and skill on value chains and key concept of business”, shared Mr. Rattana, informing that another training on “community based enterprise development” is going to be conducted as for the second step. Mr. Rattana concluded his remark hoping that all programs will put

Mr. Kim Rattana, Caritas Cambodia Executive Director is giving a short reflection before the closing
entireness effort in developing a business plan within their individual program. The course content cover three modules: 1/ linkage of business plan to value change analysis which includes steps of establishing an enterprise and marketing strategy, 2/ market system which has several elements on sector mapping and selection, market system mapping, scooping and exercise and 3/ value chain approach that composts of key principle and step of value chains, value chain selection, tool and strategy, and the showcase of value chains in Cambodia. During Septembers 2017, a one-day reflection workshop will be conducted to follow up on the action plan which discussed in the three -day training.  All participants are left with new knowledge and practical exercise on how to conduct a value chain analysis. The day was finally ended up by a hand-over of certificates to all participants.
Participants are divided into group, discussing on business ideas.


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