Caritas-CCAMH and City London University facilitated the three-day PCIT workshop, 28th-30th November 2016.
“I am happy to share skill and knowledge on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) to Cambodian teachers, special education therapists, early stimulation therapists and professionals working with young children and families”, said Rosie Loane, speech and language therapist from City London University of the United Kingdom.

Under collaboration with City London University through City-Cambodia project, Rosie and her colleague, Veronika Vozenilkova help to facilitate

the training  and workshop, offer orientation, share their knowledge and skill in PCIT. The program, gathering a total of 20 participants of CCAMH staff and staff of other NGOs, is held for three day from 28th -30th November 2016 at Caritas Cambodia’s Center for Child and Adolescents Mental Health program (CCAMH) in Chey Chumnas hospital in Kandal province.
PCI is a widely-used, effective therapy for use with young children with language difficulties. Parents learn to use strategies whilst playing with their child. This approach improves the quality of the interaction between parents and child. It creates a ‘language-rich environment’ to support the child in learning language.
Many families are seeking help for their children with autism and communication handicapped children at Caritas-CCAMH and there is phenomenal increase in the recent past. Dr. Hong Chea, Development Disability Service Program Manager of Caritas-CCAMH said the main objective of the training and workshop is to impart knowledge and skills to the parents and caregivers of young children with language difficulties to help by improving the way they interact with their children on a daily basis.
As part of the program, participants attend two sessions; the first is one-day training on theory and the second is a two-day workshop on practical framework. In the training program, participants get well on theory and benefit from finding out about how to recognize a language difficulty and how it can link with attention deficit and behavioral difficulties. On the other hands, the workshop emphasizes on practical aspect of delivering PCI therapy.
Participants sharing their experience and practical work at their working place and daily life.
The session will use case studies; discussion, video and role play to explore PCI strategies and how to support parents’ learning. After completion of the course, participants will have the skills to offer PCIT to parents. This workshop is the first step to becoming a PCIT therapist.
In Cambodia, there is no formal training in Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) and Caritas-CCAMH is pioneering in this field. Participants will become knowledgeable and familiar with both theoretical and practical framework used in PCIT. Loeung Chanthou, 29, intellectual disability home based care project officer and special educator of an NGO Karuna of Apostrophic of Battambong province said she is delighted to attend the course.  “What is important is that we do not necessarily go to study oversea on the course. Thanks CCAMH for organizing this PCIT training and workshop. It allows us as special educators to get broader knowledge and better understanding about PCIT and of course, it is vital for our work”, said Chantou. She plans to conduct a workshop to share knowledge and skill to other six special educators at her organization and will invite some teachers from public schools to attend the course. Speech and language is an important function that differentiates us,
pci03Group work on identifying level of skill and development of the children
we the human beings form the rest of animals and living being. There is no medicine or surgery available to help children with language and communication disorders. Parents, teachers and caregivers can help these children by improving the way they interact and this training is to empower them.
Another participant, Mom Dany, 39, from Mith Samlanh NGO attended PCIT workshop for the second time. Yet, she still finds the course is crucial and beneficial for her to expand the skill and be able to provide a caring, nurturing environment for the children they support at the center.
Dany’s colleague, Keo Navy, shared similar thought. She said she will use new knowledge and skill from the workshop and apply them in her daily work in order to support children’s language development.
Caritas-CCAMH is providing comprehensive services for children with intellectual disability, autism, Down syndrome, and other neuro-developmental disabilities. Recently, increasing number of young children are seeking help at our center for language and communication difficulties but there are no medicines to help them.
pci04Keo Navy from Mith Samlanh organization is committed to apply knowledge she gains from the workshop to her daily work
Over the past four years, Caritas-CCAMH has collaborated with speech and language therapist from City London University through City-Cambodia project to support CCAMH staff to develop speech therapy service by proving them with knowledge and practical skills and resources.
The City London University offers volunteer-placement to the students of Speech and Language Therapy during the final year and they have been coming to Cambodia for the past many years. Every year, a batch of students get placement at many agencies such as Rabbit school and Hagar etc two students come to CCAMH center every year since 2013. The student volunteers train the staff at the speech therapy unit, offer orientation in speech therapy to all the staff, as well as conduct workshop of staff of other NGOs.
From the year 2008- 2012, CCAMH also collaborated with the speech and language therapists in Singapore to build the capacity of Cambodian professionals with the support of Singapore International Foundation.


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