40 participants attended the second quarterly CACD meeting on 13 June 2016 at Caritas Cambodia office.
40 participants represented Catholic Non-Governmental Organizations in Cambodia came together in the second quarterly Catholic Alliance for Charity and Development (CACD) meeting on 13 June 2016 at Caritas Cambodia office.
Every three month, representative from Catholic NGOs in Cambodia come together to share information, to discuss on various issues on their area of work and to look for a joint action plan on certain issues of common interest.
After his welcoming remark, Mr. Kim Rattana, Caritas Cambodia Executive Director briefed the four agenda items to be discussed in this important meeting; namely 1/ the role of the church in the current political situation, 2/ discussion on a need for seminar on “Healing of people with Trauma-Healing tools, 3/ discussion on the preparation of “Jubilee Year”; and 4/ sharing of Cambodia Drought Emergency Response and Caritas Cambodia’s emergency appeal to Caritas Internationalis.
The meeting was chaired by Bishop Oliver Schmitthaeusler, the vice chairman of Caritas Cambodia. He gave an opening remark and prayer of Sister Faustina and thanked all participants.

Members of the group were able to share their opinions and suggestions. It was agreed that clear explanation on these costs should be explained and shared with all partners.

To begin the session, Bishop Oliver presented two videos produced by Catholic Social Communications (CSC); featuring the celebration of jubilee day for the sick and people with disabilities.

Bishop Oliver Schmitthaeusler, the vice chairman of Caritas Cambodia gave an opening remark and prayer
The first video represented as a prayer and a witness on how Catholic NGOs working together for the sake of the sick and people with disabilities. The second video captured various activities conducted during the weekend by local church, parish and some Catholic NGOs.

All the agenda items were recognized as important and representatives from all the Catholic NGOs participated actively in each session of the presentation and discussion.

cacd201603The show of video on jubilee day for the sick and people living with disabilities
Asides from presentation, all members have been introduced to a trauma healing session led by Ragamuffin, an organization that has introduced Creative Arts Therapy to a broad range of organizations in the psycho-social sector.

Before closing, Bishop Oliver shared an important Seminar of Research on “One Human Family Caring for the Creation in ASEAN Context”,  to be organized by Saint Paul Institute and will take place at Saint Paul campus in Takeo province from 11 - 13 July 2016. He called on Catholic NGOs representatives to participate in this seminar. Last but not least, Bishop Oliver thanked all participants for their great sharing and participation.

The third quarterly CACD meeting is fixed on the 10th October 2016 at Catholic Church in Phnom Penh Thmey. One of the main agenda will be discussed on the “Teaching Reflection on LOVE and FOGIVENESS”.

cacd201604Trauma healing session conducted by Ragamuffin organization

Some activities at the meeting




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