Mr. Houn Kosal, program officer of Battambong province explaining the process of the project activities.
From 5-6 July 2016, Caritas Cambodia hosted a donor project site visit from OBOS- One Body One Spirit Movement to Kamping Pouy Community Development Project in Battambong province. The key objective of the visit is to monitor the progress, to understand the process and prospect of the project as well as to witness how the program make a live change to the poor communities. Kamping Pouy Community Development Project is funded by OBOS since 2012, targeting 210 families in 6 villages, 1 commune in Kamping Pouy district.
The visit was led by Ms. Jinsol Park, Assistant Manager for International Cooperation Team and was accompanied by Program Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Ms. Nay Vichheka and Mr. Houn Kosal, Program Officer along with local staff of Battambong program.

During the two-day visit, Ms. Jinsol was exploring the progress of the project through meeting and interacting with a number of beneficiaries including farmers, Village Development Associations Management Committee in the program and visited various projects activities to observe the practices such as rice storage, chicken raising farm, integrated farming system, home gardening and other project activities carried out in two villages of Reussey Ro and Prey Phdao. In addition, during the household visit, the donor was able to talk and listen to the different live stories from each family.

“I am happy to meet with people and see positive change and development in the villages I have visited. In terms of leadership aspect, the Village Development Association Management Committee has shown their strong confidence in carrying out their development project. And on the side of individual family, people have better understanding on the concept of development work and started to put effort in improving their livelihood activities. For instance, people are helping each other with community loan and rice bank”, Jinsol stated.

OBOS delegation meeting beneficiary families and visiting some activities of the project.
Sov Nim, is a former military during the civil war, and a poor farmer from Reussey Ro Village. His family with a member of 9 has been given a plot of land by the government but unfortunately the family has limited knowledge on agriculture and therefore could not make use of the land. In 2013, he became member of the Reussey Ro Village Development Association and it was when he could be able to attend various trainings on agricultural production, home gardening, chicken raising and others. According to Sov Nim, his family living condition has now been improved.
Sov Nim and Jinsol at the backyard of Sov Nim’s home
“I can now support my two children to study in Battambong town pulling of money we earn from our agricultural production and plantation”, said Sov Nim, adding that “without the support from OBOS through Caritas Cambodia, my family would have been in difficult situation”.

Kamping Pouy is listed as one of the district in the province that is prone to disaster and with a high migration rate. Apart from livelihood support, the project has contributed to the reduction of migration. “Two of my children who are supposed to migrate are now staying home and helping me to do farming in our land”, Sov Nim shared his family story.

OBOS, a Korean organization, has been supporting Caritas Cambodia for over the past ten years on Community Development Program in Battambong and Mondulkiri province. For Kamping Pouy Community Development Project, OBOS’s support will cover for two project cycles starting from 2012 to 2018; and with an annual funding of approximately USD 120, 000.

Caritas Cambodia is inspired by the support of OBOS. Ms. Nay Vichheka, Program Monitoring and Evaluation Manager said it is really inspiring to see what OBOS and people of Korea have helped our poor communities to get rid out of poverty. “Thanks OBOS for their wonderful support to the poor communities that have often been affected by disasters and challenged with migration issue”, said Vichheka. “The visit has shown good partnership between partner, beneficiaries, local authority and Caritas Cambodia”, she commented.

The site visit has gone well and it has been a great experience for both partner and Caritas Cambodia to reflect on how we could journey together for the sake of the poor communities in Cambodia.


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