Group photo of Kampuchea Sourya Batch 2017 at Caritas Cambodia National office.
  “It is really wonderful for me and the group to experience a new way of living with local communities, staying with them, interacting and working together on a number of projects. It is truly fantastic moment was the time that we had meal together with some families in the village. We feel like family”, said Leonard Baussioux, 21, the president of Kampuchea Sourya Group 2017 during the debriefing with Caritas Cambodia on 10 August 2017. He shared his impression about his 5 intensive weeks volunteering with Caritas Cambodia. The group is composed of 12 members and one of them is female.
The project is short but seems to give a strong connection between the group and people. Baussioux also happily shared that it is so rich of life’s experience to attend the program with Caritas Cambodia because he could share the journey with the organization even for a short period of time to work and support the poor villagers.”, “To me, I wish to come back to the village in order to see the change on the people we have worked with their families and the community”, Baussioux stated.

Every year, Caritas Cambodia provides Kampuchea Sourya Group- a group of students from France with an opportunity to get life experience through hands-on-work
Baussioux is sharing leaning and experience, on behalf of the group
by assisting and working alongside with various communities in some of the provinces where its community development and health program are out there.

As usual, the group was divided into three small groups working in Kampong Thom, Siem Reap and Battambang province. The type of project activities are varied according to the needs of the program but mainly involved in some of the activities on community development and health program. The group have chance to contribute to the projects by assisting local communities and staff on a number of project activities such as working with farmers on building chicken house, vegetable growing applying hydroponic and drip line system, making compost, building toilet,  and fence for 2 water wells and so on.

Debriefing with the group at Caritas national office Phnom Penh
Without previous building experience, Liyang Sun, 21 said “It is my first time to work with villagers to build a chicken house in Trapeang Pring village, Trey Nhor commune, Pouk district, Siem Reap province. Though, it is tough at first but I am happy and even happier to participate in other agricultural activities with people”. He further expressed his thankfulness to Caritas Cambodia for giving him a chance to see the ways of living of the people, seeing how they live and cope to live with poverty.

As part of the program, all volunteers have to directly work and support local communities Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia extended the
Liyang is sharing his impression about his time with communities in Siem Reap.
appreciation to the group who managed to complete the program successfully, knowing that physical work is not that easy for them to do, particularly under the heat. He added what Caritas wants to see the group and the community to exchange their lives’ experience, culture and the way of thinking. He emphasized “Caritas Cambodia will continue to work with Kampuchea Sourya Group and look forward to receiving the next batch”.

Since 2002, Caritas Cambodia in collaboration with Secours Catholique (Caritas France) has offered
Mr. Kim Rattana appreciated the effort and commitment of the group and look further continued collaboration
an opportunity for students in France to spend their 5 weeks period volunteer work with Caritas Cambodia to get engaged in the field work and live with the communities. As of every year, before going to the field, the first week program is designed on Khmer language class to provide them with basic understanding on Khmer language. Within that period of time, Caritas provided them an opportunity to work with two programs in Kandal province: Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CCAMH) and Youth Development Program. While working in the project, the group also had time to explore the history, religion, culture and ways of people living in their city tour program.
Some of the activities carried out by the volunteers of Kampuchea Sourya Group 2017


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