With great effort and collaboration between the General Department of Prison of the Ministry of Interior, Pursat provincial prison authorities and Caritas Cambodia, a health post in Pursat Correctional Center 4 (CC4) and CC4 building were successfully inaugurated on 13 February 2018. As requested by the prison director and staff concerning on health related issues, this newly-inaugurated health post is designed as a health care center to provide medical facilities and services to inmates as m any of them are affected by severe chronic illness TB and HIV; and other kinds of illness.

Approximately 100 people from the General Department of Prison of the Ministry of Interior, provincial prison staff, NGOs partner’s organizations and local people, attending the inauguration day applauded this great achievement. The celebration marks a big day, firstly it is to inaugurate the new CC4 building supported by the
100 People attending the inauguration of health post supported by Caritas Spain and the new building CC4 supported by the Government Ministry of Interior
government Ministry of Interior; and secondly to inaugurate a health post financially supported by Caritas Spain, a project carried out by Caritas Cambodia. Establishing a provincial correctional center and having a health post in the prison is a great priority for the government and Caritas Cambodia.
The Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior, H.E. Pav Horm Phan, who was presided over the ceremony expressed his sincere thanks to Caritas Cambodia for their entire effort in building a health post and supporting necessary medical facilities and equipment. He said the health post definitely plays an important role in providing qualified health services to all inmates both assisting the sick inmates for health care and referring them to referral hospital when needed.
On behalf of the government, H.E Pav Horm Phan, emphasized the need and essential to care for all prisoners, as for this reason, he stressed the necessity to build a strong, competent and qualified staff at each prison to carry out the work. “To conclude my remark, I would like to take this opportunity to extend appreciation and acknowledgement to all partners and donors who work with the prison department to uphold the right of inmates to access to health care services”. He added “the government is committed to continue partnering with all partners and key stakeholders in improving health condition of the inmates”.
H.E. Pav Horm Phan was delivering impression remark during the ceremonyic03
When asked about their feeling on the new building, the CC4 and health post staff expressed happiness and believed that the health of prisoners will be improved and uncrowded environment in the prison will be more favorable to their good health.

The CC4 health post measures (19,8m L6,6 m x 6,3m) and includes 1 consultation room, 4 in-patients rooms including 1 TB isolation room. Thanks to Caritas Spain who supports the entire construction, costing of US$ 26,785 including the health post equipment (desk, chairs, consultation bed, scale, stretcher, and medical equipment). It is estimated that more than 700 inmates can be accommodated in the CC4.

Ms. Bernadette Glisse, Program Director of Caritas Cambodia said Caritas is planning to support for at least 3 years to ensure quality health care services in CC4, one of the largest health post being constructed. She stressed “Together with the Provincial Health Department and Operational District (OD), we will train, and refresh the skills of the health post staffs, we will work together to ensure quality health care at prison. More importantly, we will request the monitoring by the OD and health center staffs, get regular drugs and supply  so that we can ensure sustainability of the center after Caritas moves out to other prisons in need”.

According to Ms. Bernadette, under the comprehensive prison health program, Caritas focuses on 2 sectors; namely health and vocational skill training. On health sector, Caritas assists with health post construction, construct a “secured room” at each referral hospital to ensure sick inmates are care for with dignity in their own room with their guards having a comfortable place to stay. Caritas also provides a moto-remorque (Tuk Tuk) to facilitate the referrals of inmates from prison to health center and referral hospital.

Ms. Bernadette Glisse was receiving a medal of honor from the Ministry of Interior
On vocational training, the program networks with the Provincial Vocational Training Center (VTC) under the Ministry of Labor to get their trainers provide skills trainings to inmates so that they can sustain their life and family with dignity after release. Caritas provides infrastructure, start-up equipment and the VTC provides their trainers to conduct trainings such as motorcycle repair, electronics, sewing , beauty parlor, computer, vegetable gardening.
Caritas Cambodia can achieve all this work, thanks to the partnership with Caritas family: Caritas Spain, Caritas Australia, Caritas Belgium and all the donors, government partners: the Ministry of Interior; especially General Department of Prison, the Ministry of Health and Ministries of Education, Labor, Social Affairs and Provincial Vocational training Departments.
With great commitment, inmates, security guards and the prison construction engineer, all of them made a very beautiful health post. They designed beautiful gardens with hearts shapes at the 4 corners of the garden in front of the prison.
Health post building and a beautiful garden


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