More than 160 Caritas Cambodia staff came together in an Annual Program Review Meeting on the theme “Share the Journey with Inclusive Love” for its 3-day meeting in Preah Vihear province from 18th-20th December 2018. Caritas Cambodia is delighted to be able to see active and insightful participation of all staff members. They worked hard and collectively to reflect on program implementation, discuss on achievement, challenges and lesson learnt and to present how future planning and direction by area of work are developed.

Thanks to Bishop Kike Figaredo, chairman of Caritas Cambodia for chairing the meeting, Father Fr. Totet Banaynal SJ for his facilitation on meditation and team from the Catholic Church Battambang and Kuruna organization who took their special time to attend this meeting.  

All contributed to in-depth discussion and analysis in the meeting on different sectors of 1/ Integrated Community Development , 2/ Vocational Skill Development Training

Group discussion on achievements and way forward by program sector
, Migration & Advocacy , 3/ Health and Disability inclusion, 4/ Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation (DRR & CCA) and 5/Caritas Cambodia’s Social Enterprise.

This is the first main part of the meeting to find out ways and intervention on how the program to ensure better levels of implementation to serve for the benefit of the target population we are working for and with. Additionally, it is a great privilege for Caritas Cambodia to host two speakers represented our beneficiaries to proudly share with us their success story and life change after participating in the program.  Caritas Cambodia cannot thank them enough for their motivational speech.

A solidarity walk, a part of the “Share the Journey” campaign called by Pope Francis, is the second main part of the meeting. Caritas Cambodia is highly committed to join this global campaign to promote the culture of encounter in an effort to combat the culture of

Farmers from Preah Vihear province are sharing their motivational speech on their life success
indifference in the world today by organizing a solidarity walk. By Pope Francis, this means seeing through the eyes of others rather than turning a blind eye. “Not just to see but to look. Not just to hear but to listen. Not just to meet and pass by, but to stop. And don’t just say ‘what a shame, poor people,’ but allow ourselves to be moved by pity.”
Thanks Fr. Totet Banaynal SJ, for facilitating the mediation and reflection prior to our solidarity walk from a Buddhist temple up to the hill of Preah Vihear temple, one of the world heritage site in Cambodia.

On the morning of the third day was the last important part of the meeting. All staff took part in planting trees in the complex of new Sra Em commune office. This activity is essential part to build awareness and promote joint efforts to care and conserve environment.  Caritas Cambodia is grateful to provincial department of Environment, local and commune authorities, school and all staff for their wonderful cooperation in making the Green campaign successful.

Solidarity walk by “Share the Journey” campaign
Mr. Kim Rattana Caritas Cambodia Executive Director thanked to all staff that accompanies the organization during year and is looking forward to a continued support and commitment towards a five-year journey and beyond.

The program is ended by the Christmas and New Year celebration. All staff had a great dinner with delicious food and enjoyed dancing and singing. This entertaining activity aims at sharing some joyful moments together and building relations among individual and group.
It is such a joyful and unforgettable days!

Mr. Kim Rattana is concluding the meeting and extending thankfulness to all participants

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