Social Enterprise is a one of development approach which Caritas Cambodia currently focused both communities and organizational level in order to sustain its’ community development programs. The Caritas social enterprise and AC’s businesses are well operating with enough resources, solution and competitive strategies, we require to develop an affective businesses plan for guidance businesses operating, regularly monitoring and reviewing the operation activities and businesses strategies as well as presenting to businesses partners or shareholders, and needs the skill staffs provided effective assists ACs and Caritas Social Enterprise on businesses plan and businesses development.

Consequently, The ICD Project of Caritas Cambodia has conducted training on businesses plan development for managers, senior officers and community facilitators held from 11th – 15th Feb 2019 at National Office, Caritas Cambodia Phnom Penh, and supported by Caritas Spain. It host 32 participants, included 14 female, representing of all ICD Projects, community health project, Livelihood project and departments of National office, Caritas Cambodia.

All participants were highly participated and interested to all training sessions, they have learned the main concepts and practice on social enterprise, businesses model canvas (BCM), Key element of BMC and Value Chain analysis (VCA) in businesses, and technique of writing businesses plan.

Training organizer, Mr. Sim Pov Senior Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation officer of Caritas Cambodia was mentioned that the purpose of business plan development training (i). To enhance the businesses skill of Caritas Cambodia’ staff for providing an effective assistance support to businesses of Agriculture Cooperatives and Caritas Social Enterprise and improve operation efficiency, services quality and products differentiation. (ii) To strengthen capacity of program staffs on techniques of businesses plan development,  
businesses model canvas, and (iii) to create a learning, practicing and sharing environment of difference program staff of Caritas Cambodia. This training will help them to learn more on crucial analysis skill on key stockholders, value proposition, costumer segment, market competitive, market strategy, and financial operation.
Mrs. San Sokkhean, Community Development Facilitator of ICD Project, Siem Reap Province said that it is a first time for her attend the training business plan development, it is an important training for her current works with ICD Project. She emphasized that she learned a lot on key element of social enterprise, business model canvas and technique of writing the businesses plan. She said “I am very happy and strongly satisfied with training methodology and trainer’s facilitation skill that enable to understand easily and
provide opportunity for all participants fully participated, shared experience, and practiced actual businesses plan. I will share this knowledge to my colleagues and train to production groups and VDAs/ACs. I will review the existing businesses plan of organic vegetable production, animal production group and assist VDAs/ACs to conduct value chain analysis and businesses plan development on sausages processing. I would like to express special thanks for Caritas Cambodia organize this important training course for Program staffs”.
Mr. Moel Sameth, Social Enterprise Development officer of Caritas Social Enterprise in Battambang Province expressed that he has clear understood on businesses model canvas (BMC) and techniques of writing businesses plan while he has never learned before. He add that this training is very important for him to develop an affective businesses plan for Caritas Cambodia Social Enterprise. He said “I am very happy to learn Businesses Model Canvas (BMC) and technique of businesses plan development,
I am enable to understand value proportion, customers segment, competitive strategy and direction of businesses. I will applied this tools and techniques on handicraft, tailoring and food processing businesses of Cartas Social Enterprise”.

Caritas Cambodia would like express special thanks to Caritas Spain who always provide financial support to staffs capacity development. Without this support, the training could be not happened.


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