Group photo at the annual staff gathering
About 200 Caritas Cambodia staff members including its board gathered in the 22nd annual gathering at the Catholic Church in Sihanouk Ville. The two-day annual gathering from 26-27 January 2016 is a source of great meeting, unity and inspiration for Caritas as a Catholic organization in Cambodia serving for the sake of the poor population. All participants ranging from the board to director, coordinator, manager, team leader, field worker, housekeeper and driver, had given the opportunity to learn from each other in different ways and develop deeper understanding among one another as individuals and as a group. Every year, Caritas organizes its annual meeting to provide fun, relaxation and room for reflection of work. 2016 marks a special year “Year of Mercy” for Caritas. This year, the meeting is organized under the theme “Caritas Witness of Compassion and Merciful of God to Humanity”.
The aim of the 22nd annual gathering is threefold.
  • To provide all staff a perfect escape of stressfulness, complexity from work.
  • To provide a learning and sharing opportunity, especially on experiences, challenges, achievements they have reached over the year as well as their program’s future plan and
  • To jointly celebrate the Year of Mercy, guided by Pope Francis, the current Pop of the Roman Catholic Church.
Door of Mercy at Phnom Penh Pastoral Center
The 22nd annual gathering began with a meeting at the Door of Mercy at Phnom Penh Pastoral Center, Phnom Penh Thmey. Fr. Suon Hang Ly, in charge of the Pastoral briefed the meaning of the Door of Mercy and explained why 2016 is marked as a year of mercy. Fr. Hang Ly said there are lots of issues and sufferings people are facing in the present day. The issues include terrorism, injustice, refugee issues, and so on. Therefore, Pope Francis, decided to announce 2016 as a year of mercy. In this regards, Bishop in every region is advised to build the Door of Mercy to pave the way for all Catholics to pass by this merciful gate. Next, Bishop Enrique Figaredo, Chairman of Caritas Cambodia explained how to properly walk through the Door of Mercy.
Memorable activities in front of the Door of Mercy at Phnom Penh Pastoral Center
Sharing and learning thought
Caritas Cambodia has been working on 6 main sectors, namely 1/ development. 2/health and disability Inclusive Development, 3/ Comprehensive Prison Health Care, 4/Non-formal education and Technical Vocational Skill Training, 5/Emergency Response, Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) & Disaster Risk Reduction-(DRR); and 6/Migration, Anti-Human trafficking & Right Based Advocacy ( RBA). The presentation on the program activities, challenge, achievement and way forward of all sectors were conducted.
The purpose of the presentation is to share each other the activities, challenges and lessons learned on each project implementation and achievements in their respective working sectors over a period of 2015. In addition, this aims to share their success stories as an aspiration for each program to learn from one another. Before each sector presentation, Ms. Nay Vichheka, Program Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Manager briefed an overall operation of Caritas Cambodia which covered four key points: 1/ Vision and Mission of Caritas Cambodia, 2/ Strategic Framework 2012-2016, 3/ Programs and Projects and 4/ Budget Expense in the year 2015.
Ms. Nay Vichheka presented about the overall operation of Caritas Cambodia
Sector presentation on program’s activities and achievements
Caritas Cambodia finds it beneficial and essential to have a session on meditation as it is proven to have a wide variety of benefits and impact on mental and physical body of human being. Meditation is an excellent way to release stresses and gain more relaxation. Like the other years, Caritas Cambodia has invited Fr. Totet Banaynal SJ, from the Catholic Church in Siem Reap to lead the 2 hours-meditation. This year, Fr. Totel brought us a meditation on “Self Motivation and encouragement and commitment to live the year of MERCY”. All staff is very appreciated the countless benefits to practicing mediation.
Some activities of meditation facilitated by Fr. Totet Banaynal SJ,
Caritas campaign on “One Helmet Saves One Life”
The high rate of traffic accident poses a big concern in Cambodia. Witnessing this tragedy, Caritas Cambodia has the initiative to launch a new campaign on “One Helmet Saves One Life”, a one year pilot project which supports all staff with a helmet. Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia encouraged all staff to be careful whenever they travel for work or any personal purpose. He also shared with participants the latest report of the government on the current situation of traffic, traffic accidents and measure taken by the government and all stakeholders.
Bishop Kike, Chairman of Caritas Cambodia and Mr. Rattana, Executive Director presented a new campaign on “One Helmet Saves One Life”
An excitement moment- Award certification
In recognition of tireless effort and contribution to the organization, a total of 143 staff who have provided service to Caritas Cambodia from 5 years received award of appreciation.
Group Tour to Maya Monkey Beach
On the second day, 27th January 2016, all staff was enjoying a team building events with some game activities on the beach of Maya.
Memorable activities of group tour and games
Cultural Program and Solidarity Dinner
The event ended with a cultural program and solidarity dinner. Everyone enjoyed chatting and having great meal. They sang and danced happily and finally did the lucky draw to get the special gift from the organization. Last but not least, congratulation to Mrs. Tim Nary from Preventive Eye Care program who won the first prize “LED Sharp Television”.
Mr. Rattana handed over the first prize gift to Mrs. Tim Nary
Memorable activities during the cultural program and solidarity dinner


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