To share the common mission of the church in responding to emergency as a result of flash flood disaster which occurred in Laos during July 2018, Caritas Cambodia began its collaboration and partnership with local Catholic Church Pakse in Laos. Emergency response team led by Bishop Enrique Figaredo (Kike), chairman of Caritas Cambodia and Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia with his 10 team members have paid a 5-day visit to Attepeu province to share contribution in cash and in –kind to flood affected families through the local Catholic Church, who is working hard with partners in Laos to provide relief support to flood affected families due to dam’s collapse in late July 2018.
Through the local church, Caritas Cambodia is able to provide assistances and share the spirit with the government and people of Laos at this most difficult of time. Caritas Cambodia is thankful to the local government of Attapeu province and the local church to allow us to come and visit the people at one evacuation camp where 162 families (724 people: 358 women and more than 100 children) are temporarily staying. The victims are currently supported with food items, shelters, drinking water, water connection, hygiene and sanitation kits, medicines by various organizations including the United Nations World Food Program, UNICEF, Save the Children, Caritas Cambodia, local church in Cambodia and Laos, partner organizations, local people and private donations, according to the camp government officer.
Caritas Cambodia’s Hand-over of cash contribution to provincial authority of Attepeu

Relief response by various organizations at the camp

Since the flooding happened, Caritas Cambodia provides assistances to help people to get appropriate shelter (1,000 tents), water filters (50), stoves (80), blankets (1,000), and mosquito nets (1,000) and rice (10 tons). During the visit, Caritas Cambodia also brought the donation of 5,000 dollars from Apostolic Vicariate of Phnom Penh, 3,000 dollars from Silesian of Donbosco Cambodia and 596 dollars from Catholic Church communities in Battambang province of Cambodia.
Fr. Andrew Souksavath, from the local church Pakse said while they are waiting for the local authority to signal what the church can do to help the victims, the church is already present at the camp to provide food assistances and monitoring the overall situation by coordinating all the support of Catholic brothers and sisters organizations. Caritas Cambodia is ready to assist and support to the needs of the church and the affected people, said Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia. He added “we are continuously working with various partners to help bring relief items when needed and preparing long-term recovery plan so that people can rebuild their lives”.  
Tent provided by Caritas Cambodia
Sisters are volunteered to prepare food for the affected families who are staying at camp


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