Affected families are receiving humanitarian assistance from Caritas Cambodia at Chak Angrekrom pagoda
Today, Caritas Cambodia supported humanitarian assistance to 97 families of Sangkat Chak Angrekrom, the victims of house fire that occurred on Monday, 8th February 2016. Caritas Cambodia and the Catholic Church in Boeung Tumpun together with the senate, district authority is concerned about the safety and food security of the families.

A 54 –year old woman, Seng Samorn is one of the 97 victim families. She does not have a job but looks after her children at home.
She said her 9 family members are now suffering from the loss of their house and all property. During the incident, she could only pulled out one tank of rice and several set of clothes. She thanked to Caritas Cambodia who provided her family with this support which she said can help release the burden of the family for a short time.

Another victim, Ms. Sok Chea, 70, has an extended family of 15 members. She lost her 5.5 meter (width) x 7.5 meter (length) house in the house fire. “Even our house has gone we keep living on our land because we have no other choice to move out”, said Sok Chea adding, food, mosquito and tent are most needed”.

There are 80 houses in village Number 37 and 38, Chak Angrekrom, were completely destroyed under the house fire and 97 families are affected ( most of them are Vietnamese families). Out of 97 families, there are 412 people and 270 of which are women and 46 are children ( 25 girls), according to the governor of Mean Chey district, Mr. Pich Keo Mony, who gave an overview of the incident this morning at the distribution point in Chak Angrekrom pagoda.

All the families who lost their homes under the fire are currently on the emergency needs in terms of food and shelter. Caritas Cambodia provided a short-term humanitarian assistance to the affected families so that they can recover their living during this most difficult period. Caritas Cambodia Executive Director, Mr. Kim Rattana, said as one of the humanitarian and development organization, Caritas would like to share our hardship with the victims through our support “ We truly understand that you are now bearing the hardship and suffering but I would encourage you to have hope for yourself, your children and the family”, said Mr. Rattana.

100 humanitarian kits were delivered and provided to all the affected families. Each kit contains 25 kg of rice, 1 mosquito net, 2 blankets, 1 mat and 1 tent.
Mrs. Samorn and Mrs Sok Chea receives a humanitarian kit from Caritas Cambodia(Up to down)
Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia, addressed to the victims during the distribution of humanitarian kits (Right to left Mr. Kim Rattana, H.E. Mann Chhoeun, from the Senate and Fr. Vincent from Catholic Church-Boeung Tumpon)
H.E. Mann Chhoeun, the Chairman of Commission on Education, Culture, Tourism and Religion of the Cambodian Senate who was presided over the distribution of humanitarian support expressed his deep sadness to learn this tragic incident. He warned that people should be more careful to avoid further disaster will happen.  “I am impressed and would like to thank Caritas Cambodia, who supports the victims with immediate needs”, H. E. Mann Chhoeun said. H.E. Ok Kong, the senator and member of the Commission on Human Rights, Complaint Reception and Investigation was also presided over the event.

The fire’s cause is under investigation and the result is still unclear, according to local authority. Caritas Cambodia continues to monitor the situation.

Some activities of humanitarian assistance distribution at Chak Angrekrom pagoda  


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