With the support from donors and partners, Caritas Cambodia is able to provide humanitarian assistances to 4,158 families in five most affected provinces of Thbaung Khmum, Kratie, Stoeng Treng, Prey Veng and Kandal. Among all, about 500 Muslim-Cambodian families, 69 families from Kreung ethnic group and 39 disabled headed –families came to get assistances. This is the second-phase of humanitarian assistance, which took place from 23rd September to 5th October 2018, to support flood victims by flash and river flood in their transition from emergency to recovery phase.
“Driven by the core mission of Caritas worldwide, Caritas Cambodia is always present with the people who are in need during disasters”, said Mr. Kim Rattana, Caritas Cambodia Executive Director. The flooding has caused loss of lives, properties, livelihoods, small infrastructures and more. Mr. Rattana hoped these assistances will support people’s food security to those who lose their livelihoods, rice and crop field as a result of flooding disaster. Every family receives 25kg of rice, 1 case of noodle, and 1 plastic tent ( 4 x 5 m).

Mrs. Sin Yeang, 61 year -old women living in Prey Veng province is happy to receive the support from Caritas Cambodia.

Mr. Kim Rattana, addressing remark at the distribution site in Thbaung Khmum province, 23rd September 2018
coming alone to the distribution site, Mrs. Yeang said “the assistance is helping my family and other people in the village who are in the crisis. On behalf of my family, I am so much thankful to Caritas Cambodia for bringing us the food assistances and tents”.

Another affected family, Mrs. Srey Yang share similar impression. Her family is delighted to get rice, noodle and tent supported by Caritas Cambodia. She also shared her best wishes and vote of thank from her neighbors who have been devastated by the flood to Caritas Cambodia.

Mrs. Sin Yeang came to receive humanitarian assistances from Caritas Cambodia
“While taking a lot of resources to rebuild people’ livelihoods and affected communities, Caritas Cambodia is thankful to all donors and partners for their support”, Mr. Chhay Meng, Assistant Director for Emergency program said, adding that “during the 2nd phase response we are able to raise USD 197,692 from many partners namely, Caritas Germany, Catholic Relief Service, Caritas Korea, Caritas Japan, Caritas Belgium, Caritas Australia, Caritas Singapore, Caritas Spain, Link Khmer Software Co.Ltd and other private donations.   fff04
Mr. Chhay Meng addressing remark at the distribution site in Stoeung Treng province
Besides responding relief response, Caritas has a core role to coordinate between the national government represented by the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM), Provincial Committee for Disaster Management (PCDM) with partners, donors, and NGOs and to establish relationship among them to respond comprehensively to the people and their families during the difficult times, said Mr. Chhay Meng.
End of July 2018, Caritas Cambodia together with Plan International Cambodia provided the first phase of emergency response to flood victims. The emergency response kit comprises tents supported by Caritas Cambodia and other relief items supported by Plan International Cambodia including ceramic water filters, water boiler, container with a handle, water drinking mug, water container, nail cutter, mosquito net, sleeping mat, towel, Krama (Cambodian towel) and Sarong.

Due to flooding, more than 62,909 families in 6 provinces across Cambodia have been severely affected which has killed 22 people and 10 of them are children.

Handicapped families came to receive humanitarian assistances
Many infrastructure facilities have been damaged and flooded including 49 schools, 27 pagodas, 6 mosques, 1 health center, 2 health posts, 6 commune offices and 3 police posts.2,470 metre of roads in the provinces and trails have been damaged and affected to 285 water pump well (all types of well). 4,002 hectares of rice field was destroyed and 1,164 hectares of crop was damaged. 6,950 cows, 488 buffalos, 397 goats, 493 pigs, 15,037 chickens 3,693 ducks were affected and evacuated to high land.

For further information please contact to Mr. Kim Rattana (Executive Director): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and Mr. Chhay Meng (Assistant Director on Emergency program): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Photo Distribution in Thbaung Khmum provine, 23rd September 2018

Photo Distribution in Stoeung Treng province, 24th and 25th September 2018

Photo Distribution in Kratie province, 24th September 2018

Photo Distribution in Prey Veng province, 26th and 27th September 2018


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