To increase effectiveness and efficiency of management systems in three target hospitals ensuring cost-effective and quality health services by strengthened key management competencies of senior management staff.

The training is very importance to build the capacity of its management staff members for better performance of their health services delivery. The MCH project of Caritas Cambodia has collaborated with Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital and Takeo Provincial Referral Hospital have conducted “Hospital Management Skill Training” for 15 members of senior management teams from 28th–30th January 2019 at Caritas Takeo Eye Hospital by supporting financial from Caritas Czech Republic and Czech Development Agency.  The training has designed for the management committee’s members from three hospitals including Kampong Chhnang provincial hospital, referral hospitals of Boribo and Kampong Tralach. The training objectives is to give knowledge of hospital leadership and management skills (The process of management such as planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the hospital activities, beside that the training is focus on the real practice of financial management, ethics, and problem solving, to develop the ability of management committee’s members to provide clinical services to diverse populations and to strengthen the capacity of management committee’s members on how to managing the hospital more effectively through exchange visit to Caritas Takeo eye hospital and Takeo provincial Referral hospital at Takeo province.

Dr. Tith Vuthy, PHD vice director said, he like this training, as the training gave the doctors the opportunity knowledge of management as most doctors never get such training, except for clinical courses. He added that he would support all activities of the project and he will standing shoulder to shoulder in the implementation.

Dr. Sorinti Ravuthy, Director of Kampong Chhnang provincial hospital said; the training even three days is short but gave us the outline on principle of hospital management and leadership. The hospital management committee members never get such training included planning, monitoring, evaluation, staff management etc.

Chum Sopha, the MCH project manager said, the three days training is just giving us the principle of hospital management and leadership we need to apply by working together one by one, first we need to meet soon next week to continue the SWOT analysis and develop the strategic work plan, the annual operational work plan to 1) Increase effectiveness and efficiency of management systems in 3 target hospitals ensuring cost-effective and quality health services by strengthened key management competencies of senior management staff. 2) to enhance and improve the quality of maternal and child care by provision of capacity building for medical staff and by improvement of premises of Prenatal and Post-partum Department in the Provincial Hospital and to set basic hygiene and sanitation standards, access to safe drinking water is secured and medical and non-medical waste management in 3 target hospitals.

Caritas Cambodia, the provincial health department of Kampong Chhnang and three hospital in Kampong Chhnang province would like to say thank you Caritas Czech Republic and Czech Republic development cooperation who provided financial support, without this support the training could be happened.



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