MSN is attending the tailoring course at FVSD Center in Sneung commune, Battambong province
MSN is 24 years old and has joined Caritas’s Friendly Vocational Skill Development for Women and Young Mother with children (FVSD) Centre in 2015 through a NGO partner, World Vision Cambodia in Battambang province. After visiting the center and learnt about the program, she decided to take a course on tailoring skill.  
When asked about her life before referring to FVSD center, MSN told that she has gone through a bad story and hurtful life in Malaysia as sexual worker because she was lured to have a well-paid job by one of her neighbor.
She has been served a sexual worker for almost two years. She said she was forced to make up and wear scarf to cover her body. In addition, she was threatened to sit in the mirror box with another group of girls, a box where men had to see the girl and selected them for sleep.

Luckily, MSN and her friends received intervention from Malaysian authority and NGOs who helped to set her free out of the place. She was then sent back home. When asked if her neighbors know her situation in Malaysia, MSN kept her story hidden knowing that if she told the truth, her family and herself will be looked down. Life was not easy to MSN but after receiving regular counseling by World Vision in Banteay Srey, she started to feel better. She attended several workshops and gained more knowledge. Life has changed, particularly when she was referred to FVSD center run by Caritas Cambodia.

Only after two weeks at the center, she started to smile and talked to her friends, Caritas staff, and trainers. Earlier, she was so passive and talked less. Her communication skill has improved and became a fast learner, according to manager of the center. “ I want to open a small shop after completion the course so that I can support my family and make them live happily”, MSN shared her big dream.


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