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Caritas Cambodia is an official social development arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It has been built on the values of Love, Concern, Justice, Peace Unity, Sharing and brotherhood. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral development of people irrespective of race and creed. Hence the objectives of Caritas Cambodia specifically include the following.

To promote and strengthen activities that are aimed at the integral development of communities particularly to help in Sustainable Agriculture, empowerment program, economic program, Welfare program,
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  • Project completion and Dissemination “Project Measure for Climate Change Adaptation 2013-2018” 5 December 2018, Battambang province. More Detail

  • Training course on “Proposal Writing Skill” 13 -16 November 2018, Phnom Penh. Terms of Reference.

  • Communication Drop in event 02nd November 2018, Caritas-CCAMH, Chey Chumneas Referal Hospital, National Road 2, Takhmoa,  More Detail.
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“Tuberculosis screening and full treatment offering” was supported by Caritas on the trimester of 2012 to identify early signs of TB and provide early treatment to the inmates in five prisons of Siem Reap, Kompong Thom, Preah Vihear, Kratie and Mondolkiri province.

Overcrowding of cells, high rates of respiratory infections including pneumonia, poor sanitary conditions, poor nutrient in-take and high transmission rates of hepatitis A and B provide the worst place for TB dissemination to all roommates at prisons.


After the screening, 101 out of 2.189 people found with active TB which gives a general prevalence of 4.61%.

Being sick at the prison impact the inmates very badly and they may die at prison leaving the family without income in the future or they could infect their community once released.

After diagnosis, treatment is provided free of charge to all identified TB by the National TB program under the implementation of Caritas with the hard work and commitment of the Health Post Prison staff and cell leaders to ensure good adherence to treatment for the six months therapy.



Caritas also provided food for breakfast to facilitate the absorption of the medications and quick patient recovery. Moreover, each of them also received 15 kg of rice per month and other complementary food including canned fish, fresh food and fruits for 3 months while the full treatment lasts 6 months. After the 3 months treatment phase, only the patients with low weight will be continued on food support.

In the meantime, CENAT, the National TB program, had set up S.O.P. (standard operating procedures) for NGOs working at prisons in order to “Screen” all prisoners. Caritas Cambodia has been very interested to support this plan and contracted CENAT to go to the 5 prisons to screen all prisoners. Since security guards work very closely with the prisoners, screening with XR and sputum smears checked, have been offered to the security guards as well.

The plan got implemented in February and March 2012 in four prisons and the screening at Mondolkiri has been postponed to early April.Caritas Cambodia-Siem Reap Health Team is working in five prisons of fives provinces, with the support of the MoH a “Health Post” program to ensure treatment of common diseases including Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases for all inmates. Siem Reap Team has 1 medical doctor, 1 medical assistant and 3 nurses care for over 2,500 prisoners from these five prisons.


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