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About Caritas Cambodia
Caritas Cambodia is an official social development arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It has been built on the values of Love, Concern, Justice, Peace Unity, Sharing and brotherhood. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral development of people irrespective of race and creed. Hence the objectives of Caritas Cambodia specifically include the following.

To promote and strengthen activities that are aimed at the integral development of communities particularly to help in Sustainable Agriculture, empowerment program, economic program, Welfare program,
Where We Work
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Upcoming Events
  • Research Seminar on “Social Inclusion in Cambodia”, Wednesday 11-12 March 2020, at Saint Paul Institute Takeo province.

  • The International Women’s Day, 6th March 2020, at Kandal Province.

  • Annual Program Review, 21st to 24th January 2020, Mondulkiri province.

Latest News...

Kandal Province 08 April 2013: Caritas is celebrating a graduation for 289 of students who took skills from Caritas Youth Development Program in Kandal province. The celebration marks another success of the training program which partly contributes to the eradication of poverty in the country. Some 304 participants of whom 104 female witness the ceremony are students, parents, teachers, NGO partners and government officers.


Mr. Tep Oeurn, deputy director of department of the labor and vocational training of the MOSALVY presides over event along with Bishop Enrique Figaredo Chairman of Caritas Cambodia, Mr. Isao Todokoro general executive of Caritas Japan, Mr. Kim Ratana Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia, and Mr. Nou Sovannara deputy of Kandal town.

Youth Development Program is one of many projects of Caritas Cambodia aim to develop human resources in Cambodia especially for the poor people in rural area who have no skill, less ability, immigrated, and vulnerable people. Since 1992 to 2013 Caritas Cambodia helps more than 2,000 poor youth from urban and rural area. In the last five years from 2008 to 2012 among 861 youth 80 percent got job. This year, Youth Development Program accepts aim to help 193 youth to take course on their reference among 17 skills offered skill Computer, Accountant and finance, Admin and secretary, Painting, Community Development, Car repairing, Motor repairing, Phone repairing, Air-conditioner repairing, Electricity repairing, Electronic repairing, Auto body repairing, Restaurant Management, Barber, Embroider, and Cooking.

Mr. Tep Ourn who represents the MoSALVY expresses thanks and acknowledges the contribution of Caritas to develop resource percents for country and help to eradicate poverty through provide skill training. By the skill youth are able to work in local market and not to make unsafe migration to neighboring country so, it is a part of contribution to social, he added.



Mr. Chouy Ming, from Mondolkiri, who took course on Community development and now employ as an officer in charge at a Catholic student center in Mondulkiri province shares his achievement and thankful to Caritas by saying that it was a good chance for him to be part of YDP where he absorbed skills, general knowledge and morality through other activities involving in society and especially enjoying free accommodation, food, house, and material for study and those make his life changed now.

One of the youth parents who attend the celebration also gives her expression remarking that Caritas Cambodia does help poor youth and her son are among them. Her son is currently practicing a new life as he could manage to run his own business after graduated from phone repairing skill.

Executive director Mr. Kim Ratana, said, “This year Caritas also establishing a bigger vocational training project that target on vulnerable women and young mother in Battambang province”.


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Our Success Stories

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