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About Caritas Cambodia
Caritas Cambodia is an official social development arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It has been built on the values of Love, Concern, Justice, Peace Unity, Sharing and brotherhood. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral development of people irrespective of race and creed. Hence the objectives of Caritas Cambodia specifically include the following.

To promote and strengthen activities that are aimed at the integral development of communities particularly to help in Sustainable Agriculture, empowerment program, economic program, Welfare program,
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  • CACD Annual Retreat, Monday 18 January 2021, at Caritas YDP Kandal province.

  • Annual Program Review, 24th to 28th January 2021, Kampot province.

Latest News...
Mr. Leang Sophal, from Climate Change department of the Ministry of Environment presented the cause, effects of climate change and response mechanism
  “I plan to share knowledge and key concepts on climate change and its relations to food security and nutrition to my colleagues who directly work with communities so that they can share further to the Agriculture Cooperative (AC) and Village Development Associations (VDAs) in their monthly meetings”, said Mr. Chap Rossekdey, team leader of Community Integrated Development Program in Kandal province. Rossekdey is one of 27 participants attended the workshop on “Sharing Experience on Climate Change Adaptation to Ensure Food Security and Nutrition” from 7-9 December 2015 at Caritas Cambodia office.
The three-day workshop was jointly conducted by the Measure for Adaptation to Climate Change program of Caritas Cambodia and the Ministry of Environment with the support from BMZ project, Germany.

Ms. Sophan Kanhchna, Climate Change Project Manager of Caritas said the purpose of the workshop is twofold. First, it aims to build up capacity of Caritas staff and partners to have a broader understanding on food security and nutrition concept in relation to climate change. Secondly, it serves to share experiences among participants from the government, university, Climate Change network, NGOs partner organizations.
The workshop discussed the inter-linkages between climate change with food security and nutrition as well as key concepts of climate change, its effects to socio-economic sectors, and the mitigation and adaptation mechanism. Most importantly, the workshop also showcased some key achievements and lesson learnt on climate change practice in Cambodia shared by participants and key experts in the field represented by the government, university, NGOs, UNDP’s climate change project, partner organizations and climate change network in Cambodia.

The workshop was opened by H.E. Rath Virak, from the Ministry of Environment and Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia. Both the Ministry and Caritas emphasized that in order to implement the project effectively, capacity building for staff and partners is crucial. “Climate change is a global issue and we all must take a role to be part of resolution”, said H.E. Rath Virak, from the Ministry of Environment.

With the support from Caritas Germany under the BMZ project, Caritas Cambodia has launched a six-year program (2013-2018) on “Measure for Adaptation to Climate Change”, to mitigate the effects of climate change in Cambodia. The program is envisioned to strengthen the ability of Cambodia’s rural population to adjust to and prepare for a future increase in climate-related disasters. The program is now piloted in 10 villages in 7 provinces of Kandal, Kampong Thom, Kampong Cham, Mondolkiri, Preah Vihear, Siem Reap and Battambong province.
Participants shared experiences and their real practices on climate change adaptation and mitigation in their provinces.
Climate Change is increasingly recognized as a key concern of every country in the world. There is no exception for Cambodia; it affects many sectors in this small country. According to Cambodia Disaster Management Handbook released in 2014, Cambodia is regarded as one of the world’s most vulnerable countries to climate change, which is expected to compound development challenges in the country. Climate Change is a concern for Cambodia due to its reliance on rain- fed subsistence agriculture. Water scarcity and more frequent flooding are the primary concerns that are expected to affect crop production and food security.

Rattana said Caritas is carrying out strategies to mitigate the impact of disasters and strengthen the resilience of communities and individuals such as the promotion of planting tree in communities and schools. “I believe that this workshop will be a sharing platform where Caritas and the Ministry of Environment can further strengthen our cooperation”, said Rattana.

Caritas Cambodia wishes to thank representatives from the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia Climate Change Network (CCCN) and all participants for their inputs and interactive participation.


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