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About Caritas Cambodia
Caritas Cambodia is an official social development arm of the Catholic Church in Cambodia. It has been built on the values of Love, Concern, Justice, Peace Unity, Sharing and brotherhood. It draws inspiration from the Gospel and aims at integral development of people irrespective of race and creed. Hence the objectives of Caritas Cambodia specifically include the following.

To promote and strengthen activities that are aimed at the integral development of communities particularly to help in Sustainable Agriculture, empowerment program, economic program, Welfare program,
Where We Work
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Upcoming Events
  • CACD Annual Retreat, Monday 18 January 2021, at Caritas YDP Kandal province.

  • Annual Program Review, 24th to 28th January 2021, Kampot province.

Latest News...
Youth group from Young Men Christian Association in Korea met Caritas Cambodia Executive Director and management team at the National Office.
Four volunteers from Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) in Korea paid a visit to Caritas Cambodia Office to discuss about their one-month experience with Caritas’s programs of Youth and Community Development Program.

2015 marks the second year of Caritas’s partnership with YMCA. There are four volunteers from different educational background has joint this exchange program from 03 September to 02 February 2015.
“The fundamental purpose of this partnership program is for young Korean graduates to learn and exchange their culture with Cambodian youth, particularly to involve them in community life and work ranging from working with farmers, children, youth and community people”, said Mrs. Sary Phirum, program manager of Youth Development Program which hosts the group. The program also provides the opportunity for international volunteers to develop their greater understanding of diversity. Most importantly, it allows Cambodian youth to interact with and learn from other youths who are different from themselves and participate in new experiences in order to be able for them to develop positive relations with each others; even they come from different background and culture.
A 23-year old volunteer, Seo Narae , at her first time trip to Cambodia said the group and herself had joint in many program activities. “At the youth center, we have shared our hands with youth in growing vegetable, opening English class, demonstrating Korean cooking class, and joining in sport activities, said Narae. She added within the communities, they have learnt how to plant rice, helping farmers to grow organic vegetable, interacting with local community, and educating children on health issues, hygiene and sanitation.
In the welcoming remark, Mr. Kim Rattana, Executive Director of Caritas Cambodia expressed his appreciation to the exchange program’s spirit of sharing, learning, exchanging and ideas among young people. He also briefed Caritas’s programs and latest development of the organization. “Caritas does not only work within the communities level, but our work involves in policy making” , Rattana shared, adding that Caritas supports good collaboration and partnership with all partners, including the government, communities, NGOs and other stakeholders.
The YMCA group is also involved in engaging Cambodian youth and community in poverty campaign, Mrs. Sary Phirum shared. This campaign is mainly focused on the concept of poverty, its meaning and role of young people on poverty reduction. Poverty can be defined as the absence of job, education, sanitation, rights to vote and etc.

19 Korean volunteers from YMCA have joint Caritas’s Youth and Community Development programs in Kandal province since 2014.
Caritas’s Management Team at the National Office and Korean volunteers from the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA).


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